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Inspired by a shared love of quality, aesthetics and craft, we offer reproduction of artworks and classic clocks to add style and luxury to all interiors. Since 1987, Brookpace Lascelles are one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of wall art and clocks.

Anna Bülow Designer Collection

Limited Edition Exclusively Hand Signed & Numbered

Anna Bülow is a Swedish artist with a love for simplicity in design. She digs deep into the core of human nature celebrating peoples diversities using a natural, earthly organic palette. The Bülow canvas starts with the pencil combining with layers of print. Her masterpieces are appreciated all over the world and found in selected interior stores and galleries.

World’s Leading Manufacturer of Oleography

Our vision is to create a unique and high quality artwork that captures all the colour, craquelure, texture and character of an original oil painting.  Each piece is carefully hand finished by our skilled craftsmen to recreate the timeless look and appeal of an original.

British Clocks

Our reproduction of Smiths trademarked wall clocks are influenced by the popular Smiths style and design, as a tribute to undoubtedly the greatest British clock manufacturer of the 20th Century.  

Create an Inspiring Gallery Wall

Find the right style and perfect pieces for your interiors with our large library of timeless designs and inspiring photography.  All of our Art is made to order and framed in-house, meaning it is ready to hang as soon as it arrives at your door!

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