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Brookpace Lascelles, perfecting artistry techniques and clock-making since 1987

Since 1987, Brookpace Lascelles has transformed interiors and visions with one of the largest wall art and clock collections in the UK. The diversity in collections, the constant quest for quality materials and the transmission of exceptional know-how, with decades of expertise handcrafted to withstand the test of time. You know it is a Brookpace Lascelles wall art or clock just by looking at it.

A Unique Aesthetic

As the world's leading manufacturer of Oleography, we have perfected artistry techniques to create replicates of timeless oil paintings. Each Oleograph captures the character, colour, craquelure and texture, just as if it was an original itself. Our oleographs are produced on museum quality canvas stretched over sustainable timber, with your choice of a luxury handcrafted frame.

Creative Expression

Create your statement gallery wall with more artworks and frame selections than you can ever imagine. Our ever-evolving Brookpace library contains over 1000 artworks, offering the latest in decor trends and enough styles to complement a wide range of interiors.

A "Timeless" Timepiece

At Brookpace Lascelles, we understand  the importance of keeping you on time. Our Smiths and Lascelles clocks go back generations, and are meticulously crafted to recreate the charm of an original . Smith's clocks was founded in 1851, and were once the largest clock manufacturer in Europe. These iconic clocks could be found everywhere from railway stations to schools, from Bentley’s to Mini’s and even Spitfire aircraft. Roger Lascelles clocks embody the spirit and style of a bygone era. From wall clocks in the style of the 1950s to table clocks reminiscent of the Victorian Era, Roger Lascelles brings back the authentic feel of past days.

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