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Anna Bulow Collection

Limited Edition Hand Signed & Numbered
Select from 3 Scandinavian style frames
Anna Bülow, a Swedish artist and graphic designer known for her honesty painted through her masterpieces. With a love for the simplicity of a pencil line, she digs deep into the core of human nature to uncover the unvarnished side of humans that is so often hidden. Bülow’s palette is natural, earthly and organic.
Her humans are refreshingly real compared to those we often see portrayed in photos, art and social media today. The varnished, edited, cropped and altered female body we are being told to live up to every day is heavily contrasted in Bülow’s drawings. Flaws are shouted off the rooftops in celebration of the female who can be more than just one shape and style. The journey of Bülow’s drawings is also a journey of techniques. Starting with the pencil, she often combines it with layers of print before the different elements meet in a digital world.
Her masterpieces are appreciated all over the world and can be found in selected interior design stores and galleries. 


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